Jazz Education Festivals can be designed for any number of ensembles in any country, for any number of days.  It doesn’t have to be a large festival, but it does have to contain an educational component.  It is important for schools to share what they are doing, and to receive feedback from recognized jazz adjudicators and clinicians.  But it is also important for the students to be able to go to Master Classes, Jazz Improvisation Classes, and other classes that will help students learn more about jazz music, the basic fundamentals of their instruments, and to learn how to become a more valuable member of the school’s ensemble.

Jazz Education Festivals can be designed from a one- to four-day event.  During that time, a team of experienced and specially selected jazz artist/educators will listen to jazz ensembles, and write or make verbal comments about the each school performance.  If appropriate to the Festival, a score for the performance can be given so the school knows the results of that particular performance.

Students are then encouraged to listen to other schools, and to learn from the other schools performance about what they can do to make their own schools performance better.  During that time period, the students will also attend master classes on their instruments, or attend a jazz improvisation class that is commensurate with their level of playing.

At the end of each days performance, the hosting school, and/or the guest jazz artist/educators will present an evening performance for all the students. It’s very common to have an internationally recognized artist appearing throughout the Festival with Master Classes as well as participating in the evenings’ concert.

If the Festival is more than one day in length, then a variety of classes will be held each day in addition to a variety of evening performances.

Most of our Jazz Education Festivals are held at the beginning of the year, October through November, in order for the students and teachers to have the remainder of the year to implement recommendations and observations of the Festival guest artists/educators.

A Unique Jazz Education Festival Experience

We are very proud to announce a new kind of Jazz Education Festival started in Hong Kong in 2014.  This is the ‘Cadillac’ of all Festivals! In this Festival, and, at the beginning of the school year, the school’s jazz ensembles will prepare two tunes for an end-of-the-day late afternoon concert.  The combos and/or big bands come to the Festival but remain as a unified group, except for Master Class, the first class at the beginning of the Festival day.For the Master Classes, all the trombone players go the trombone class, trumpets to trumpet class, etc.  However, from that point on,and for the rest of the day, the band remains as a unit.For Jazz Improvisation class, one of the artist/teachersgoes to a room in which the band has been assigned, and works with the band on the improvisation sections of music they are preparing.

After this class, the band will remain in the assigned room.  Next, an artist/educator will come and work with the band on one of the tunes they are preparing for the afternoon concert.  An hour-and-a-half later, a different artist/educator will come and work with the band on the second tune they’re preparing.

At 4:30 pm, after pictures and an afternoon snack, all the bands (could be 4 – 10 bands) perform for each other in the host school’s auditorium.  All students supporting the other schools bands.  Many times, the artist/educators can, and do perform with the schoolbands.

Lunch and late afternoon snack provided by the hosting school.

A Great Way to Start the School Year!

Performance – Understanding– Learning – Sharing – Excellence – Support


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