ChihYang Hsieh, a native Taiwanese, is an electric and double bassist, singer, composer, arranger, educator active in different musical genres. As a bassist, he frequently performs in jazz clubs in Taiwan and is now an inhouse bassist in Hyatt Hotel Taipei. In areas other than jazz, he also plays concerts of popular music for singers such as Nylon Chen, Wawa Jin and Joanna Wang. As a composer and arranger, he has composed and arranged music in different genres and medias for Municipal Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Groove Jazz Orchestra, FJU jazz combo, DaAi Television, Funkchon Jazz Vocal Group, Taipei Jazz Collective, etc. As a singer, his jazz vocal group, Funkchon, has performed frequently in Taiwan, and especially a recent trip to Macau for its annual vocal festival in 2014. ChihYang received his master degree in jazz composition/arranging from University of North Texas and is now an adjunct faculty for jazz music in the music department of Fu­Jen University since 2012.